New Paper out in Nature Microbiology

FEAR Pathway

Published today in Nature Microbiology, a massive collaboration lead by “fear”less graduate student Emily Rex in the Gammon lab identifies a new pathway for restricting viral pathogens and how some viruses attempt to evade this pathway. More can be found at:

It is still ANY scientists’ game in March Madness

After the first round of the NCAA Men’s March Madness tournament, it is still anyone’s bracket to win (minus a few of you who are going to need some real help with that Kentucky loss!)

Points after round 1:
Cate and Declan – 23
Ryan, Anastasia, Brianne, and David – 22
Megan and Elizabeth 21

Next round starts today and each win is worth 2 pts!

March Madness is Upon Us!

Despite Dr. Heisler’s attempts to use the real March Madness tournament brackets (NCAA WRESTLING) we are going to having a lab competition!

The winner gets to pick a baked good they want Dr. Heisler (David’s wife) to bake for next month’s lab meeting on April 16th. Additionally, and probably more important than PCR superiority, you get BRAGGING rights for a whole year!

Points will be awarded for each pick as follows:
+2 for round 1
+4 for round 2
+8 for Sweet 16
+16 for Elite 8
+32 for Final 4
+64 for Championship

Check back regularly for updated rankings and to see who the winner will be!