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Heisler Lab Growing this Summer!

 This summer, the Heisler lab welcome FIVE new students to the lab!

Erin (Carlow University) and Ellen (University of Arizona) come to us as part of the Pain and Neurodegenerative Undergraduate Research Experience (PURE and NURE) program here at Duquesne.

Zoe (Bryn Mawr) come to us as part of the The Integrated Computational and Experimental Chemistry NSF-REU Program here at Duquesne. Zoe will be co-advised with Dr. Rita Mihailescu (Duquesne).

Adisyn and Trista (Duquesne University) were selected as part of the Summer Departmental Undergraduate Research Program (URP).

Megan will be back in the lab this summer as well as part of URP.

Here is to a busy but hopefully very successful summer!

Crystal Structures of Ceg10 – A labor of Love

Crystal Structure of Ceg10

Today, the crystal structure of Ceg10, an effector protein from Legionella was deposited and released at the RSCB Protein Data Bank (PDB). While a lot remains to be determined about its function and targets during an infection, we are excited to finally release some of what we have learned about this protein in the last 8 years! The Ceg10 crystal structures are part of a collaborative project between Dr. Heisler’s lab and the Gammon, Alto, and Taglialucci lab’s at UT Southwestern Medical School.

More about what Ceg10 does during a viral infection can be found in a recent preprint: Exploiting Bacterial Effector Proteins to Uncover Evolutionarily Conserved Antiviral Host Machinery
The crystal structures can be found at the RSCD PDB: 9B8D and 9B8E